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Château de Parnay in the Loire Valley: let's talk about it

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Fredrik Filliatreau, can you introduce your vineyard?

« The Château de Parnay in Saumur and Saumur Champigny, and Château de Princé in Anjou Village Brissac and Coteaux de l'Aubance are owned by Mr. Régis Vincenot. The two farms are in organic farming. The Château de Parnay is a historic site in the Saumur region. Estate created in 1894 by Antoine Cristal, visionary winemaker who created the famous Clos entre les Murs, Chenin plot of half a hectare with 11 walls facing East / West. The vines that pass through the walls. Planted in the freshness of the North and the vegetation in the southern sun to improve maturity. It is the only plot producing wine classified as a French Historical Monument. »

You will be soon attending the Tastin’France Brussels. What is your message to wine lovers ?

"Château de Parnay, the history of Saumur wines with its unique plot, listed as a French historical monument. 100% organic farming for almost 10 years."

Great ! See you there !

Click on their website here : https://chateaudeparnay.fr/

If you are a professional buyer interested in coming to this event (or any other BtoB meetings), feel free to contact us.  

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