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Domaine de la Pagerie in the Loire Valley: let's talk about it

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Baptiste Pointereau, can you introduce your vineyard?

"Our soils are made of calcareous-clay, silty sand and  siliceous pebbles, with our highest vines planted in sandy gravel soils. The estate now spans 10 hectares of vines. We till the soil so that our grapes feature the best aspects of our terroir. We only use organic fertilisers to respect the organisms living in our soil. The use of mating disruption techniques eliminates the need for insecticides. Lastly, we only protect our vineyard against diseases when necessary, so that our grapes are fully ripe at the end of their growing cycle. That is why the estate is certified with the HVE (High Environmental Value) Label.
We are only satisfied that we have put enough care and passion into our wines, produced on these “Belles Terres” (Rich Lands), when you are so pleased that you feel the need to share our wine, give it recognition and stay loyal to our brand."

You will be soon attending the Tastin’France Brussels. What is your message to wine lovers ?

"We respect our history to create better wine for your indulgence."

Great ! See you there !

Click on their website here : https://www.domainedelapagerie.fr/

If you are a professional buyer interested in coming to this event (or any other BtoB meetings), feel free to contact us.  

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