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Domaine des Trottières in the Loire Valley: let's talk about it

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Michael Taupin, can you introduce your vineyard?

"Founded in 1890, and Owned by the Lamotte family since 1985, Domaine des Trottières is in Thouarcé to the Heart of Loire Valley, Anjou & Coteaux du Layon Region. We produce 18 Wines in 9 AOP… 

  • Anjou Blanc – Coteaux du Layon – Bonnezeaux – Crémant de Loire (8 vins) 
  • Rosé de Loire – Rosé d’Anjou – Cabernet d’Anjou (5 vins) 
  • Anjou Rouge – Anjou Villages (5 vins) 

The old winery, built in 1927, is still used and have been completed by a modern second winery built in 1990. For the wine-making process, we have been assisted for many years by the renowned oenologist Jean Michel Monnier, who has exceptional expertise in the wines of Anjou and the Layon Valley. 
The wine-making procedures are highly diversified at Trottières. The Domaine's objective is to reduce the use of sulphur by combining tangential filtration and low temperatures (storage of the wines in tanks at 12°C). 

Domaine des Trottières offers you the benefit of its acknowledged and consistently rewarded expertise, with a wide range of fine wines that combine respect for tradition with an innovative approach. The region's characteristics are combined with originality, respecting the heritage and traditions of our Terroir, while at the same time innovating for the pleasure of our customers. 

Our certifications, Your guarantees… 
Take your time and share the passions of Independent Wine Makers. Whether you visit their cellars 
or meet them on other occasions, come and find out about their vines and brandies... Independent wine makers are demanding and always want to offer you the best! As responsible professionals, they sign their name on each abel. And using the Independent Wine Maker label commits them to a professional charter. They are professionals who respect the environment, their “terroir,” and their wine. And Independent Wine Makers offer you something more - practical wisdom about wine.

Terra Vitis & HVE are environmental certifications of sustainable agriculture, recognised by the French Ministry of Agriculture. It is a voluntary approach which aims to identify and promote particularly 
environmentally-friendly practices applied by farmers. HVE covers four key areas: biodiversity conservation, plant protection strategy, management of fertiliser use and management of water. The presence of the logo on finished products makes it possible to highlight for consumers the efforts of wineries engaged in the highest level of the environmental certification scheme."

You will be soon attending the Tastin’France Brussels. What is your message to wine lovers ?

"19 Wines - 9 AOP, Sustainable certified vineyard - Since 1890"

Great ! See you there !

Click on their website here : https://www.domainedestrottieres.com/

If you are a professional buyer interested in coming to this event (or any other BtoB meetings), feel free to contact us.

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