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Domaine Raphaël Luneau in the Loire Valley: let's talk about it

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Raphaël Luneau, can you introduce your vineyard?

« Simplicity and authenticity embody our 30-hectare family estate. In 2010, Raphaël took over the winery after eight generations of winegrowers from father to son. We are engaged in a sustainable viticulture with high respect for the environment and the biodiversity. We produce a wild range of wines such as traditional wines of the vineyard of Nantes: Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur Lie, Gros Plant sur Lie, Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Goulaine ; also white, rosé and red Loire Valley wines ; and more festive wines: sparkling wine, sweet white wine, etc. »

You will be soon attending the Tastin’France Brussels. What is your message to wine lovers ?

" Our wines reflect the true flavour of the land that birthed them."

Great ! See you there !

Click on their website here : https://www.domaineraphaelluneau.fr/en/

If you are a professional buyer interested in coming to this event (or any other BtoB meetings), feel free to contact us.  

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