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Escher & Thomas in the Loire Valley: let's talk about it

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Iwan Escher, can you introduce your vineyard?

"The original identity of the Loire Valley reflects the diversity of its terroirs and grape varieties. This elementary plurality creates its originality, which we express in a unique manner.  Indeed, although the Melon de Bourgogne and the Sauvignon Blanc are the two most commonly planted white grape varieties in the Loire Valley, they are both excluded from any AOPs for fine sparkling wine. This represented an opportunity for us to produce original wines that revisit the aromatic potential of these grape varieties and create new drinking experiences."

You will be soon attending the Tastin’France Brussels. What is your message to wine lovers ?

"We are not the nth generation of a wine grower's family, and nevertheless, to become "creators of fine sparkling wines" was registered in our genetic code. Proud of our land and our roots in the Loire Valley, we create high-quality, unique and authentic Extra-Brut sparkling wines which showcase each of the grape varieties from which they originate."

Great ! See you there !

Click on their website here : http://www.escher-thomas.com/

If you are a professional buyer interested in coming to this event (or any other BtoB meetings), feel free to contact us.  

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